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A Public Television Pledge Special
Especially for Your Members

Hosted by Jonathan Pond

Produced and Presented by KQED


Money is what fueled the industrial society. But in the informational society, the fuel, the power, is knowledge. One has now come to see a new class structure divided by those who have information and those who must function out of ignorance. This new class has its power not from money, not from land, but from knowledge.

John Kenneth Galbraith


 The rules have changed.  As we emerge from the recession and begin a slow recovery, it is becoming clear that new approaches to personal financial planning are essential.  The Great Recession has altered the way individuals and families think about money and financial security.  They seek new ways to protect what they have and make prudent money decisions in the future.


This special lays out a plan to achieve and maintain financial security under the new rules.  The New Affluence will redefine what it means to be financially comfortable - and what is required to overcome inevitable future challenges, whether they arise personally or as a result of another economic tsunami.


Jonathan Pond’s new money special will help your members – and your station – emerge from the financial doldrums.  The pilot of The New Affluence – Money Help is On the Way was broadcast at KQED earlier this month with great results, “a solid 5.”  A reviewer commented "I was riveted to the screen for two hours - for a money show!"  The program will be available to all stations for the March Pledge period.

·       New program content.  The old rules about money no longer apply.  This is an all-new program that presents new ways to approach your financial life amidst a changed and still-frightening economy.

·       Exclusive premiums.  All premiums, including a companion book, will be exclusive to public broadcasting.  See below for pricing.  

·       Two program lengths.  To better accommodate your scheduling, the program and pledge event will be offered in both 90 and 120-minute lengths.

·       Program format.  High definition

·       Presenting station.  KQED

·       Rights period:  Expires January 31, 2012; unlimited broadcasts 

·       Promotional assistance:  Promo will be included with the program, premium samples will be sent upon request




  1. Basic membership - signed book.  The New Affluence:  Achieving Financial Security in a Changed Economy softcover book (station cost $4.00)  PUBLIC BROADCASTING EXCLUSIVE , NOT AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES OR ON THE WEB.

  2. Choice of Smart Planner or Smart Investor customized financial reports.  Both reports have been completely revised and updated to reflect the new approaches to achieving financial security (station cost $20 each) PUBLIC BROADCASTING EXCLUSIVE.

  3. Combo:  Both Smart Planner and  Smart Investor plus the book The New Affluence: Achieving Financial Security in a Changed Economy.  (Past pledge patterns indicate that over 80%  of those who pledge will take the combo.)


Premium pricing:



Premium Descriptions


Book ($60 pledge level)

The New Affluence:  Achieving Financial Security in a Changed Economy (150 pages, paperback) is a companion volume to the program that explains in more detail the concepts that Jonathan Pond discusses in the program.  It is exclusive to public television and will not be available in bookstores or on the Internet.



Customized reports ($120 pledge level)

Members can choose one of two customized reports:  Smart Planner or Smart Investor.  Each is based on a confidential questionnaire that is sent to the member shortly after making the pledge.  When the questionnaires are analyzed, the member will receive a one-of-a-kind report.  These reports are public television exclusives.  You can't receive them anywhere else.

- Smart Planner covers all areas of your financial life that are important to you, including getting the right kind of insurance at the right price, managing your debt, making sure your will is up to date, and planning for a great retirement.

- Smart Investor takes an in-depth look at your investments and will show you how best to diversify your investments.  The report will also include a list of recommended mutual funds based on your own investment situation.

Other information:

Smart Planner and Smart Investor work for all ages, family situations, and financial situations.

- The questionnaire takes only about 30 minutes to complete can be submitted on paper or sent by email.

- Members can choose to receive their reports by mail (within three weeks) or by email (within one week).

- Members who can't decide between Smart Planner and Smart Investor should be told that Smart Planner looks at your entire financial situation while Smart Investor provides an in-depth review of you investments.  (They might also be encouraged to select the combo that includes both reports.)



Combo ($225 pledge level)

The combo consists of all three thank-you gifts (described above), including the book and both Smart Planner and Smart Investor, all exclusive to public television.  There's no overlap between the reports, so the combo represents a powerful combination of useful financial tools.  They also make great gifts for family members.



·       For more information, contact:

Mary Ann Donahue:   (212) 752-0267


·       If you missed the February 10 program feed...

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